• Devin Nunez

Why Microblading?

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are not an easy feat. In days past we would either over pluck to the point of having no eyebrows, or overdraw them only to end up with uneven and unappealing eyebrows. We would accept that genetics has bestowed on us the pair of mismatched eyebrows that no amount of work would ever fix, or settle for 'penciling in' our dream brows!

But now we have Microblading! Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo that uses real hair-like strokes to mimic actual hair that helps give you the best eyebrows for your face shape. Licensed & Certified Microblading artists use a small bladed hand tool made up of tiny needles that gives the artist precision while meticulously placing the strokes onto your skin.

Microblading is an easy two-session process; including an initial appointment and a follow up appointment. The initial appointment includes a consultation to analyze your natural brow shape and color. The Microblading artist will then learn about your preferred eyebrow preferences then map out a shape and measure it based on your facial symmetry. Once you and your esthetician are satisfied with your outlined eyebrow, the tattooing will begin.

Upon completion of your initial appointment, you will return for a perfecting session which should be in 6 weeks to give your skin ample time to heal. This session will fine tune the color or adding dimension (#microshading). Microshading is a manual shading technique using a special tool designed specifically to give a more 'filled-in' look. It will add depth to the microbladed hair strokes that are already created.

It is very important to choose an artist that has a proven track record. Your artist should be licensed by the state with plenty of experience in skincare and is certified by the state's health department. Working with the right artist will ensure you have the perfect brow shape for your face and give the confidence you are looking for!

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